Saturday, 13 September 2014

Life, Life, life!

Well its been over a year and unsurprisingly this has been as a result of life! That old enemy kept getting in the way of me and my hobby. Changing jobs, and moving house can really throw a spanner in the works. But, that doesn't mean I haven't stopped working on my miniatures. If anything I've got more done over the past year and you can expect to see some fairly regular updates from me in the near future. So here's a little something to get us back in the swing of things...

Well its been over a year and I'm sure those of you that have found me before are wondering what stage's are my scenery projects at. Now for those of you that are finding me for the first time, scenery generally comes in two forms. Massive expansive boards that are pretty heavy to move about and store or light weight small boards or even fabrics that are easy to pack away and transport. GHQ's terrain maker foam hex's are a great example of the small terrain boards, ideal for company level battles.
(Cough, cough... The Following may contain rambling)  
Is there are right or wrong answer? No. Ultimately you have to come up with a terrain system that works for you. What terrain system do I use? Well I've tried to get the best of both worlds by building terrain boards that are rigid but they are relatively small. My first terrain bored was an experiment (As it should be) It's just a very large experiment. If I could do it all again I would've started with  a board of about 30cm by 30xm. So there's a nugget of wisdom if your just getting started. 

Enough with the talk show me the dam pictures already! So last time off I showed you my new terrain board which at the time I thought looked pretty good. And this illusion persisted until halfway through my first battle. When I realised that in no small part it sucked. I suppose you could compare it to a super model in some ways, great to look at but as soon as they open there mouth and make noise the illusion is broken. So I decided to do a little re-work and here is the end result.
 So I thought that the board would benefit From a few more choke points.
 I used Vallejo Transparent Water Texture
 Here is a little water processing plant that still needs a little work 
And here's a little mountain path that I made out of filler.
Here's a few pictures of the construction:
I cut up some picture framing card and painted out the reservoir area 
Work on the overpass section
 I've also been working with Tamiya textured paints.

That's all for now folks. Just a small post to get me back in the swing of things. Hoped you picked up a thing or two or maybe you got some inspiration. I promise, more miniature related updates to come!
Thanks, 6mmWargamer

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